Visitor Information

The following information will help visitors prepare for a visit to Rossie. Travel directions and location maps are available here.

All visits to Rossie are by appointment and all visitors are required to bring photo ID.

If you are a parent visiting a young person, please read the following information:-
Rossie has a policy of encouraging visits from family or other significant people to the young people living here.
As Rossie is a temporary home for all young people placed here, and because we have a duty to care, this means we have to balance your child’s needs with other young people. What this means is that not everyone can have a visit at the same time.
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We want to make sure you get sufficient time to enjoy your visit, particularly if you are travelling some distance. We also need to balance it with visits from other families, and the limited number of rooms we have at Rossie.

Visiting Times

Visits can be arranged for 5 p.m. or 7 p.m..during the week; and 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m., or 7 p.m. at weekends and during school holidays.
Visits are not permitted during the education day except in exceptional circumstances.

Arranging The Visit

When organising a visit to your child, you need to know the following:
  • The social work department responsible for your son or daughter must clear all visitors
  • All visits must be arranged with a member of staff in your child’s unit. This will then be checked against any other visits that may be occurring before your visit is confirmed.
  • If you turn up without arranging the visit, we reserve the right to ask you to leave.
  • No more than four people can visit at any one time. This is due to the need for security and safety.
  • An adult must accompany any under eighteen-year-old visitor.
  • Visits should be no longer than one hour to allow other young people to have visitors. However, if visitors are travelling long distances, this can be extended to a maximum of four hours depending on security and safety in the building.

On Site Rules for Visitors

All visitors must comply with Rossie rules. These are that:
  • Any gifts to young people must be handed over to staff for security checking.
  • Visitors must not smoke on the premises or in the grounds.
  • Visitors must behave in a reasonable way and be aware if they do not, they will be asked to leave.
  • No contraband of any sort must be brought into the building. The police will be called if this happens.
  • No camera or mobile phone must be brought into the building, such items may be handed into Reception and collected again after the visit.
  • If visitors appear intoxicated they will not be allowed into Rossie.
  • Visitors are required to present photographic I.D. e.g. driver’s licence or passport. If no photo ID is available a Birth Certificate is acceptable and a letter from social work department is also required.
If you are travelling by train or bus, you can organise to be picked up by Rossie staff from the station in Montrose.
Rossie Opening QuoteRossie has a policy of encouraging visits from family or other significant people to the young people living here.Rossie Closing Quote
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