Make A Referral

We’re keen to know every young person from the outset, and to match our services to them. Relationship is our keyword, and we welcome approaches from social workers for a discussion. Recognising that your referral (especially) for a secure bed is often on a day of crisis for the young person, if not yourself: all we initially ask is that you provide some background information.

One number - day or night - quick decision. 01674 820204

Once this has been done, we will email you an Individual Placement Agreement for the young person; all you have to do is complete and sign the front page and return it to us – this means that we will hold their bedroom for you.
It will help us if you have background papers on the young person which can be sent immediately, by e mail or fax, however the process will not be held up if you cannot. We will consider all information given and decide which services we can offer in order to provide the best care. Once this has been done, we will call you back to let you know what we can offer and make arrangements for the young person to be admitted.

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It is our aim to make the referral process as quick and straightforward as possible; once the process is in motion if we cannot give you the answer there and then, we will call you with a decision in less than an hour.
We are also experienced in working with ‘hard to place’ young people who can at times fall between the gaps of service provision. We have bespoke packages of care around a number of these young people, both in our Secure and our Residential Campuses.
For all referral enquiries, please telephone 01674 820204.
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