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Rossie Young People’s Trust was founded as Rossie Reformatory over 150 years ago and has been growing ever since.
In 2009 we completed the build of new Secure and Close Support units. These have all the very latest and innovative features that you would expect or wish for. Our 150 years of experience and self development has ensured that the young people in our care receive the best possible environment to allow them to flourish.

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Rossie, as we are better known, is a registered Charity (SCO19969), a not for profit organisation. Almost exclusively our income is derived from the sale of our residential services to the Scottish Government and Scottish Local Authorities. We believe in, and foster the ethos of, value for money.
Rossie is situated in a tranquil, rural environment, with excellent road and rail links to all major cities. We are proud of our long history of providing accommodation, education, care and support to the young people of Scotland. Our staff team undertake this task with all due diligence in what can often be challenging circumstances.

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The Board of Governors provide independent expertise on a variety of pertinent aspect of our services. These complement the professional, care, education and interventions provided by our highly committed and skilled team.
The Board of Governors, Rossie Young Peoples Trust thank you for your interest you have shown in “Rossie”.
We extend to you an open invitation to come and visit our facilities and meet the enthusiastic team we have here at Rossie. We can assure you that it will be an “eye opener” and a very rewarding experience.
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