Now there are not one, but FOUR GOOD REASONS for choosing Rossie

We are proud of what we do here at Rossie, but are delighted when others think so too. Here are four independent reports, all recently published, which have complimented us on various aspects of our work.


From the inspection team at Education Scotland, who recorded in their findings following our education inspection this year:

‘Outstanding Success’…….. Education Services

“Rossie Young People’s Trust provides very good education and care for troubled young people. It has achieved outstanding success in intervening in many young people’s lives and having a positive impact. Education and care staff develop and maintain very good relationships with young people, many of whom are only in the service for relatively short times.

Parents spoke about the transformational change they had witnessed in their children since attending Rossie, both socially and emotionally and also academically,….…..about the excellent relationships that had been formed between the young people and the school and themselves and how approaches were tailored to meet individual needs. In both cases, their experiences in Rossie contrasted extremely favourably with previous experiences of the school system.

Education authorities and local authorities that responded to requests for information on the progress their young people made at Rossie were very positive about the outcomes which they had achieved. They also commented on the very high standard of communication on the progress young people made”.

(Ref: Education Scotland, Record of Inspection Findings, July 2014)


From Professor Tom Billington, Professor of Educational and Child Psychology, Director of the Centre for the Study of Children, Families and Learning Communities, and Director of Educational Psychology at the University of Sheffield.

Professor Billington wrote in July this year:

‘A Compassionate Authority’ ………..Care Services “In all my dealings with Rossie, whether on site or during telephone consultations, staff conveyed a kind of compassionate authority which will have had a therapeutic potential in its broadest sense. Rossie has demonstrated to (young person) that she can be contained – physically and psychologically. She has thus felt safe, from others and herself”

Future placements ……….need to provide opportunities for the kinds of interventions provided at Rossie i.e. ranging from education, to support for daily living, to behaviour management, to appropriate medical care and to potential therapies. These services have been implemented in accordance with an integrated planning strategy and have been operationalized to minimize the level of risk involved”


In June this year, Rossie Young People’s Trust was awarded the 2014 Care Accolade in the Children and Young People Category by the Scottish Social Services Council. The SSSC wrote:

Specialist Intervention and Wellbeing Support Team
Winners in the ‘Children and Young People’ category at Scotland’s National Care Sector Awards – Scottish Social Services Council, Care Accolades, June 2014

The Teaching Recovery Techniques (TRT) initiative is a collaborative project between Rossie Young People’s Trust and the University of Dundee. Grant aided by the Scottish Government, the project aimed to bring a trauma-informed lens to secure and residential accommodation in Scotland by firstly, assessing the nature and extent of young people’s traumatisation and secondly by introducing and evaluating a trauma-specific intervention.

The TRT project identified that young people within Rossie had experienced a wide range of different types of cumulative trauma. Consequently, they display a wide range of symptoms indicative of developmental trauma including and ranging beyond PTSD.

The TRT project provided staff trauma training, trauma measures to assess young people’s outcomes and an effective, time limited, trauma-specific approach to address young people’s subjective sense of disturbance and enable behavioural change to begin to occur. You can read more of the TRT project in the News section of Rossie’s website.


We’ve always worked hard to put our own people first, and looked to the Investors in People organisation to measure our efforts against their industry-wide standard for developing staff in order to improve performance.

Rossie has proudly held the Investors in People Award for some fifteen years. We are assessed every three years by IIP’s assessors to make sure we are making continuous improvements. This year, our assessment concluded our ethos, methods, and culture warranted the award of the Silver Accreditation. Janice Laurie, IIP’s Specialist, had this to say about us:

Investors in People – Silver Accreditation
“Having carried out the IIP Assessment in accordance with the guidelines provided by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, I am satisfied beyond any doubt that Rossie meets the requirements of the Investors in People Standard

You have a very committed and dedicated team of staff who all have a strong pride and desire to help you achieve improved outcomes for your young people.

People are very committed to your success. Several people, some who were recruited more recently and others who have worked with you longer said they had no intention of working anywhere else. They felt that the level of support they receive and the excellent training they are provided with outweighs any benefits they could achieve elsewhere. You have created a strong framework of development at each skill level and this is supplemented by specialist knowledge. This is demonstrating to people that they have career progression and a means of developing themselves whether they wish to aspire to more senior management roles or not” If this has convinced you that Rossie is the best place to work, or that we can work with you to build a strong future for a young person, do get in touch with us. Our details can be found on the contact us section of the website.
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