Education Services

Rossie has two distinct education departments – the Secure Education Centre with curricular provision for up to eighteen young people; and our Open Learning Centre for up to twelve young people.
Each Centre has the expertise and facilities to meet the entire range of diverse social, emotional and educational needs presented by young people who come here, in line with the principles and values of the Curriculum for Excellence(CfE). (‘The school has taken forward significantly the national initiative, curriculum for excellence underpinned by a clear vision’ – Rossie Integrated Inspection 2010)

Skills for Work

Skills for Work is an integral part of Curriculum for Excellence at Rossie. It is a key to making sound decisions for a young person’s further education, career aspirations, employability and lifelong learning.
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Outdoor Learning

Located in scenic Angus,Rossie is uniquely placed to offer a wide range of Outdoor Learning. Outdoor Learning offers all four capacities within the Curriculum for Excellence through real meaningful learning.

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Induction, Assessment and Planning

An Individualised Learning Plan is developed through structured induction and thorough assessment.                                                                                                                                                
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Our curricular model is set firmly within the transformational change of Scottish education, with the sole aim of improving outcomes for children and young people. It is driven by the four contexts of learning, whilst our strategic focus is to ensure that all young people are afforded the opportunity to develop as Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors.
Education in both centres emphasises the development of skills for learning, life and work, whilst our curricular design ensures challenge and enjoyment, breadth, progression, depth, personalisation and choice, coherence and relevance for each young person.

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In our experience, the quality of the curriculum together with the way in which it is delivered determines how effectively young people learn.  Class sizes are therefore restricted to four pupils and are supported through robust collaborative arrangements.
Presently, we afford our young people opportunities to progress their studies across the Broad General phase of the CfE, in addition to working towards certificated outcomes at Access and Intermediate levels, through Standard Grades and up to Higher courses.
Rossie is an SQA accredited centre delivering courses at SVQ level 3.  In addition we deliver courses in Rural Skills, Construction Crafts and Hospitality at Intermediate level 2, all of which is embedded within a culture of inclusion, participation and ownership.
Rossie education

Certificated subjects include:-

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Biology, Physics & Chemistry
  • Craft Design Technology
  • Enterprise
  • Modern Studies
  • History
  • Information Communications Technology
  • Careers Guidance
  • Art & Design
  • Home Economics
  • Expressive Arts
  • Construction Crafts
  • Hospitality
  • Rural Skills
  • Learning Outdoors Award Programme.
Rossie education
Our Open Learning Centre affords progressive opportunities for young people to successfully transition from Secure education provision. This transition is supported by community learning initiatives inclusive of outdoor learning, making use of local and national resources, Skills for Work placements and Get Ready for Work initiatives. We aim to reintegrate young people back to the community and mainstream schooling, in addition to pathways to further education and/or prepare young people for the world of work.
Rossie’s Secure and Open Learning Centre recognises the contributions made by other key stake holders in the development of the whole child. Key stakeholders include Skills Development Scotland, Further Education establishments and youth organisations together with our partnership arrangements with local schools, employers and business.  This holistic approach is necessary in order to maximise potential whilst ensuring future lifelong learning opportunities.
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