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Annan House and Esk House are Close Support Residential Care Homes providing a higher level of structure and support than is available in traditional care homes. The focus of work is geared towards intensive, short to medium-term intervention (normally 3 – 9 months) rather than providing longer-term care. Being a resident in Annan House or Esk House enables young people to manage their behaviour with decreasing levels of external control.
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Promoting independence and community access
A young person in close support may initially access the community on a limited basis. The focus of this type of placement is to work towards taking increased levels of personal responsibility and having decreasing levels of restrictions.
Forth House take young people who may be working toward independence and still require support and guidance. Young People can move to Forth House direct from our Secure Care Service or from Close Support provision within our Residential Care Service. We also accept admissions from a range of other community placements such as residential schools or even directly from home.

Formally the Headmaster’s house, it is a family style group home which accommodates four young people and provides a transitional placement to their home community.
Admissions will range in age from 12 to 18 years, although the average will be around 14 to 16 years. Gender will be mixed. Admission is on the basis that we can meet the needs of the child and there is an agreed exit strategy.
Individual care plans will promote independence and community access. Young people will be actively supported to use leisure facilities both in Angus and surrounding areas. Developing leisure activities and other hobbies increases resilience factors and improves outcomes for young people returning to the wider community.
The educational needs of young people is primarily the responsibility of our Learning Centre at Rossie. Young people benefit from Curriculm for Excellence and the National Qualification framework such as Access and Intermediate modular courses. Extensive vocational opportunities both at Rossie and in the local community are available to all young people and these include Skills for Work, Get Ready to Work and Modern Apprenticeships.
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