Care Philosophy

Young people are placed at Rossie for a variety of reasons, but often arrive in secure care with overwhelming feelings of omnipotence and/or panic. Working with children and young people over many years has taught Rossie what care for such vulnerable, distressed children and young people means. It means that whether placed in secure care or residential services, there are clear and firm boundaries, which support children and young people to learn to manage their own behaviour. It means ensuring that each young person feels safe, listened to, and respected. It means ensuring that the environment is warm, cosy and homely and that repairs are dealt with quickly. It means ensuring that there is interest, purposeful activity, and people with whom to engage in a warm and meaningful way that conveys respect and value for each other.
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Supporting Young People
No matter what the reason is for a young person being placed, Rossie seeks to treat each young person with respect and care. The notion of punishment has no place in Rossie because it does not help young people reflect on the reasons for admission. Instead Rossie supports young people to learn to take responsibility for their own actions, behaviour and future.
At Rossie we understand that the many negative messages that children and young people may have experienced before placement with us, cannot be undone. We know that by focusing on success, by celebrating that success, and by giving praise and recognition for progress and achievement, that life chances can be improved and young people can choose to change offending behaviours.
Every child care organisation in Scotland including Rossie, is working to ensure that we get it right for every child and to support each one to be safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, responsible, respected and included.
For example –
  • In support of safety and security, Rossie provides a sensible, predictable daily routine, which ensures that young people know what to expect. Young people placed at Rossie tell us they feel safe and are regularly asked to complete a ‘safety in placement questionnaire’ so that we can monitor any changes.
  • Health and well being is not just about providing our excellent in house GP and dental facilities, or the normality of attending services in the community, it is also about simple things like a good night’s sleep, good food, fun activities, good company and freedom from anxiety.
Key to providing quality services for children and young people is the training and qualifications and standards expected of our staff group, which can be read about in the relevant sections of the website. However, young people have an important role in that process.
Throughout the last twelve years every candidate for a job at Rossie has been required to take part in a ‘safe interview’. This interview involves three young people asking two questions each of each candidate. The young people are supported by a staff member and are required to score candidates on their answers. The resultant scores are included in the final scoring for each candidate and hence in appointments. In this way young people have been closely involved in the recruitment of staff over many years.
At Rossie we have learned that young people are astute, honest and articulate in their conclusions.
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