Child Protection

Rossie has an open and transparent policy with regard to the protection of children and vulnerable adults. We know that young people can put themselves at risk, or that they can be at risk from people they know. The good relationships, which are developed with children and young people at Rossie means that they may tell us worries about themselves, about other children and young people, or about things that have happened to them, that are still a worry.
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Feel safe and be safe.
We have a well understood policy on what action will be taken to keep children and young people safe. Whenever there are concerns which may, (or may not) be a child protection matter, the Child Protection Policy and Procedure will be followed, and if necessary, the Child Protection/Vulnerable Adult Protocol will be invoked. This involves linking with local Child Protection Services and always liaising with placing authorities.
Our Child Protection Policy, Procedure and Good Practice Guidance is reviewed annually. Angus Child Protection Managers are involved in the review and the Child Protection Committee ratifies any agreed changes.
Angus Child Protection Team works sensitively with every query and they help Rossie to get it right for children and young people. Each person involved knows that careful listening to what children say matters, and that it’s everyone’s job to make sure that every child and young person is helped not just to feel safe, but to be safe.
Rossie Opening QuoteEvery child and young person is helped not just to feel safe, but to be safe.Rossie Closing Quote
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