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The need to be well, both physically and emotionally, is crucial in determining whether a young person flourishes socially and educationally. At Rossie, the health and well being of our young people is of paramount importance.
Health has an important influence on attainment throughout a child’s life and is vital in enabling young people to fulfill their potential as they progress through their teenage years to adulthood. Good physical, as well as good emotional health and well being contribute to broader outcomes, enhancing young people’s self esteem and resilience, improving their long term prospects as they become independent.
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At Rossie, we have a designated Professional Services Development Officer, who co-ordinates the health and well being of young people. A public health approach is taken, to identify any unmet health needs. Following admission all young people will be offered the following assessments:
  • An Initial Holistic Health Assessment by our Professional Services Development Officer. This will include physical health and general development as well as an assessment of their mental well being.
  • A Medical Assessment by a General Practitioner.
  • A Dental Examination.
  • An Optical Assessment.
  • Sexual Health and Well Being Screening.
From these assessments a Health Action Plan is created, which forms part of the young person’s individualised care plan. This is monitored as part of the young person’s Looked After Children’s Review, to ensure all the recommendations are met.
In addition to meeting health needs, ongoing health education and promotion is offered to young people. It is delivered by our Professional Health Services Development Officer, along with fellow members of the Professional Services Team. Topics that are covered include:
  • Sexual Health and Well Being
  • Relationships
  • Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Smoking
  • Mental Health and Well Being
  • Cancer Awareness
Staff and carers, as role models, are central in supporting young people to begin to take responsibility for their own health. They are often crucial in assisting and ensuring that young people attend health and dental appointments.
In meeting the needs of all young people’s emotional well being, warm and caring relationships between a young person and care staff are encouraged, to nurture attachment and create a sense of belonging, so that a young person feels safe, valued and protected.
The health promoting ethos at Rossie and the caring commitment of a young person’s keyworker can encourage healthier lifestyle choices and behaviours in our vulnerable young people. We see good health as a key priority, only achieved through close partnerships with relevant professionals, specialist health services, GP services, and with the young people and relevant family members.
Our aim at Rossie is to continue to improve the quality of young people’s physical health and development, including their social, emotional and educational well being, to enhance their future development and allow them to fulfill their potential.
Rossie Opening QuoteStaff and carers, as role models, are central in supporting young people to begin to take responsibility for their own health.Rossie Closing Quote
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