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The quality of service that young people receive at Rossie depends to a large extent on how good the people delivering them are at their job. Our main aim is to improve outcomes for young people using our services by supporting the workforce delivering them to be the best they can be.
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A valued, competent and confident workforce
We have an ambitious vision for the development of our workforce which is underpinned by The National Strategy for the Development of the Social Service Workforce in Scotland: A Plan for Action 2005 - 2010. Some key messages being:
  • "Developing the workforce is critical to ensuring we have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.
  • Training and workforce development must be integral to service planning.
  • Leaders need to have a clear vision, be realistic about challenges and inspire and support staff to deliver the desired outcomes for service users and carers.
  • Managers must see continuous improvement and development as the norm and take their staff with them to deliver their goals.
  • Staff need to share the vision, contribute to making it happen, feel valued and supported and be well equipped."
Learning and development is integral to this vision at Rossie and is supported by:
  • A flexible, responsive and prioritised Staff Development Strategy which meets the learning needs of all workers, maximises potential and has clear career pathways;
  • A framework of development incorporating Foundation (Induction, Crisis Aggression Limitation and Management, Child Protection and Health and Safety training), Core (essential to achieving registration and becoming experienced in post), Specialist (of particular need/interest, or for a specialist post) and Management Training;
  • A well developed and structured SQA approved Assessment Centre which offers group awards in care at SVQ levels 3 and 4;
  • On the job support and development through supervision, shadowing, mentoring, coaching and assessment;
  • In house projects or training to meet specifically identified learning needs;
  • Team development opportunities to strengthen working relationships and consistency of practice and service delivery;
  • External Courses and Conferences through a number of agencies and companies;
  • Monitored Continuous Professional Development opportunities such as Practice Development Seminars, Shift and team meetings, access to reading materials, publications, library and internet resources;
  • The use of internal and external facilitators and consultants who are expert in their fields and who support our organisation by offering prioritised training to meet employee development plans;
  • Leaders and workers who take responsibility for their own learning by seeking out opportunities that meet their personal and professional aspirations and responsibilities;
  • Embedding a learning culture by supporting student placements from a variety of colleges and universities;
  • Staff who fulfil their professional responsibility of registration with the SSSC or other regulators;
  • Positive working and learning partnerships with a range of other professions across local authorities and independent sectors;
  • An organisation which values itself and is valued by others.
Positive staff development opportunities offers positive outcomes for service users and their families:
A valued, competent and confident workforce who will help make a positive difference to people's lives in Scottish society:
  • valued and respected;
  • part of society;
  • supported to achieve their goals;
  • able to make choices;
  • involved in the selection and training of staff; and
  • more in control of their lives.
Rossie Opening QuoteWe have an ambitious vision for the development of our workforce which is underpinned by The National Strategy for the Development of the Social Service Workforce in Scotland.Rossie Closing Quote
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