About Working With Us

Rossie is a multidisciplinary organisation which aims to help vulnerable children and young people prepare for independent living. We provide accommodation, bespoke care and individualised education, ensuring all areas of our young people’s health are being met. We have been caring for boys, aged 10-18, since 1857 and boys and girls, aged 10-18 since 1984. We are committed to helping young people in our care build strategies to cope with their past, while they prepare for their future. We deliver all our services in a safe and nurturing environment where our young people can grow, develop and thrive, at their own pace.

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Culture and values

Our staff are the strength of Rossie and what we do, working closely with each other and the young people to achieve effective outcomes. The sense of unity creates strong relationships throughout the organisation underpinning the purpose and vision of Rossie.

The culture of our organisation is built upon our five values, with behaviours specified against each of the value domains. Our values establish and regulate the quality and character of our organisation.

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Two boys in a Rossie classroom 1960

History of Rossie

Rossie’s history began in 1857 when it opened its doors as a reformatory. Over the past 160 years, Rossie has evolved into a child-centred place of safety and wellbeing. We strive to create and maintain relationships with young people and their families, through our committed staff and underlying values.

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Investing in our staff

We are highly focused on developing our staff. At Rossie, we have a Training Centre where various training events and seminars take place. Rossie is a place where everyone, whatever their role can keep learning and moving forward. We also offer our staff an array of benefits for working at Rossie.

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Rossie staff collecting award
Rossie Hair and Beauty Salon

Jobs and Opportunities

Are you a student looking for experience in your field? Are you looking for a new challenge within a rewarding and award-winning organisation? At Rossie, the opportunities are broad, and could be a valuable start to your career.

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Our Departments

As a multi-disciplinary organisation, there is an array of departments you could join at Rossie. Some are growing; some have been here since 1857! Regardless of your role, you will be joining a team who are passionate, respectful and work together to provide the best service for our young people.

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Who we help

We aim to provide a safe, supportive and stimulating environment in which young people can achieve their full potential, develop respect for themselves and for others and be supported to understand and acquire the attitudes and skills that will enable them to return to their communities as successful citizens.

Young people

We support our young people through all aspects of their stay, while giving them hope for the future. Find out more if you’re a young person looking for more information.

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Parents & Carers

We ensure parents and carers are involved in their child’s care plan as much as possible. Find out more if you’re a parent or carer looking for more information.

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We work with our partners to provide a bespoke service to each of our young people. Find out more about our partners.

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