Our Specialist Intervention Services (SIS) team provide all aspects of health and psychological services and are core to what we provide to young people within Rossie.

Our multi-disciplinary SIS team works collaboratively with care and education staff to improve the physical, emotional and behavioural wellbeing of our young people. We work in partnership with our young people ensuring they are at the centre of their care plans. We work in partnership with community based health and social care providers, and combine our expertise with theirs to build the best intervention plans for all of our young people. This is an important operating principle of our work.

  • The SIS teams work closely with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to help put together the most effective. Interventions Pathway for each young person as well as medication reviews.
  • CAMHS are provided by the NHS and assess and support young people who suffer from emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties.
  • We work with other agencies in the delivery of health education and promotion, including sexual health and wellbeing and smoking cessation.
  • Gowrie Care supports our delivery of substance misuse and sexual health outcomes.
  • Social Work teams complete robust assessments and deliver the best services to our young people.
  • “How It Felt’ – puppet making workshops for young people are promoted and facilitated through our SIS practitioners.
  • We provide additional support through our partnerships with Allsorts, Be Real, Life Changes Trust, Surfers Against Suicide and Police Scotland.
  • The team are continuously involved with campaigns such as No Smoking Day, Mental Health Awareness Week, World Book Day and CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) Awareness Week. Click the link below to see what Rossie are doing to help tackle CSE:
CSE Leaflet

We are passionate about the protection and justice for our young people as seen in our membership of Vulnerable Adolescent and Youth Justice Partnerships and Child Protection Committees. Our Child Protection Policy is endorsed and ratified by Angus, our host local authority Protecting People Committee.

Who we help

Rossie has really helped me, especially my SIS worker!

– Young Person

Young people

We support our young people through all aspects of their stay, while giving them hope for the future. Find out more if you’re a young person looking for more information.

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Parents & Carers

We ensure parents and carers are involved in their child’s care plan as much as possible. Find out more if you’re a parent or carer looking for more information.

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We work with our partners to provide a bespoke service to each of our young people. Find out more about our partners.

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