Apprenticeships, Internships and Student Placements

We believe in being a provider of opportunities to both our young people and staff. We regularly aim to create internship and apprenticeship opportunities, and are currently developing a plan for voluntary roles.

We also offer an array of placements to undergraduate and postgraduate students to help them gain experience in their field of work. Find out more >>

Typical Roles:

  • Apprentice Chef
  • Internships in Marketing, Fundraising, Digital Innovations
  • Social Work Placement
  • Psychology Placement
  • Education Placement
  • Care Placement
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Business and Facilities

We own and manage a very high quality designed building at Rossie. Included in this building are our houses for our young people, two schools, a games hall, a swimming pool and our offices. The grounds also has a village within which we own around 20 houses. All of these facilities are maintained by our hard-working and skilled maintenance team, who cover day-to-day maintenance tasks, as well as specific projects. If you are looking for challenging and rewarding maintenance work, you will feel at home here.

Our beautiful and unique grounds are naturally therapeutic and beneficial to the development of our young people and staff. We are passionate about making the most of the outdoors and conservation. As a groundsperson, you could be working in some of the most beautiful countryside woodlands in Angus, ensuring the grounds surrounding Rossie can be enjoyed by all staff and young people.

Branding, reputation and communications are important to the work we carry out at Rossie. We have incredible stories to tell. We strive to ensure that people are emotionally connected with, and inspired by these stories, and by our cause. What is next for Marketing at Rossie? That is where you come in. We want our cause to be better understood by people of all walks of life, ages and interests. If this sounds like your kind of role, we need you.

Typical Roles:

  • Maintenance Officer
  • Groundsperson
  • Marketing Assistant

Catering and Household

We look after our young people and staff with the highest quality care possible. This includes ensuring our young people have a clean bed to sleep in, and fresh and healthy food is available.

Our hard working and skilled household team work with staff and young people to ensure cleanliness of houses, schools and offices is maintained. Looking for a dynamic role in household? You will feel at home with our friendly household staff and on-site chefs.

Our chefs are passionate about providing meals, ensuring these are well balanced, and to the taste of our staff and young people. We grow a range delicious fresh fruit and vegetables, and our chefs use these on a daily basis. If you are looking for a role within a rewarding organisation, Rossie could be the place for you.

Typical Roles:

  • Chef Manager
  • Chef
  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Domestic Assistant
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Our care service is key to the development of our young people. All of our staff work hard at maintaining strong, effective relationships with all of our young people. Staff are understanding, compassionate and are motivated to help each young person succeed in their personal and educational development. Our care staff ensure that the rights of the young person are safeguarded and they are treated with respect and dignity. Sounds like you? We need more care staff like you to help our young people prepare for their future.

You may want to work for Rossie without committing to a full time role. If this is you, you may want to apply for the role of a Sessional Care Worker.

Typical Roles:


Any and all income generated through our services is reinvested back into the organisation to improve and enhance our service offer to all young people, families/carers and our partners. Our young people are at the heart of our organisation and the central driver in everything we do. Here, you can help our team ensure that we are making the most of every penny we earn and spend. If you are looking for fascinating challenges and exciting opportunities, join us.

Typical Roles:

  • Senior Finance/Payroll Administrator
  • Finance/Payroll Administrator
  • Finance Manager
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Our IT team oversees the installation and maintenance of our computer and telephone network systems. The team enable our staff to communicate, collaborate and generally provide teams with the functionality they need to perform their duties. They are hard-working, informative and innovative. If you are passionate about efficiency and are looking to contribute to the modern development of a charitable organisation, you will settle in here.

Typical Roles:

  • Systems Manager
  • IT Assistant

Management Support

Whether you join us in a management support, head of department or other managerial role, you will be a crucial part of the bigger picture for Rossie.

Rossie’s management support service helps managers and staff deal effectively with a wide range of tasks, projects and setbacks. As a member of the management support team, you will help define business plans and achieve organisational objectives.

Management Support Typical Roles:

    • Team Manager
    • Clerical Assistant
    • Receptionist
    • Human Resources Advisor
    • Management Information Coordinator
    • Personal Assistant
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Senior Leadership and Management Team

As a member of the Senior Leadership and Management team, you will be the influential leader behind valuable parts of our service to young people. You will motivate teams and drive success, ensuring objectives are achieved. You will put our young people at the heart of everything you do. No small task, but one huge rewarding career opportunity.

Senior Leadership and Management Typical Roles:

      • Chief Executive Officer
      • Head of Operations
      • Head of Education and Staff Development
      • Service Manager – Secure
      • Service Manager – Residential
      • Service Manager – Business and Facilities
      • Service Manager – Management Support

Specialist Intervention Services

Our Specialist Intervention Services team provides a wealth of health services as well as some of the most trauma-informed psychological services to our young people. As a member of this team, you will work collaboratively with each other, external health and social care providers, and young people to create plans for how to meet their individual needs. If you are passionate about helping young people develop strategies to cope with events which have taken place in their life, and to prepare for the future, you will feel at home here.

Typical Roles:

  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Health Care Support Worker
  • Team Manager
  • Assistant Psychologist
  • Chartered Psychologist
  • Specialist Interventions Practitioner
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Throughcare Services

Our Throughcare service ensures support is in place and available for all of our young people during and after their stay with us at Rossie. In this role, you would be a steady feature in each young person’s experience at Rossie. You will help them identify their strengths, abilities, and interests, as well as sourcing opportunities for voluntary and work experience. If you are passionate about young people enhancing their skills for life and work, you will settle well into this department.

Typical Roles:

  • Throughcare Worker

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