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You may have many questions about how we look after your child while they are living in Rossie. Here are some questions asked regularly by parents, carers and family members about what life is like at Rossie for a young person.

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What is Rossie?

Rossie is a care organisation that provides boys and girls aged 10-18 with the right services to help them deal with their problems and challenges.

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What does Rossie look like?

Rossie is a modern and new facility with all buildings completed to the highest standards.

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Where is Rossie?

Rossie is located on the east coast of Scotland, in the countryside of Angus just outside Montrose.

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Who is looking after my child?

We have a very skilled care team who work together to provide the best care for your child, 24 hours a day.

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What is my child's room like?

Everyone has their own room which is designed with your child’s needs in mind. Each room has an en-suite, built in bedroom furniture and a study area.

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What will my child eat?

Our chefs prepare high quality, nutritious meals for all young people. We ensure your child is offered a balanced diet, we consider their likes/dislikes and their views are important for making any improvements.

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Is Rossie clean and comfortable?

Our hard-working and committed domestic staff and care staff ensure that the houses are spotless and of a high standard, while helping all young people learn about cleaning.

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What if my child becomes unwell?

Your child’s health is a priority for us, day and night. Young people are registered with the local health care services and all of our care staff are trained in First Aid.

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Will my child enjoy living at Rossie?

We make sure that all young people are made to feel welcome from the first day they come to live in Rossie. All staff do their very best to make sure every child’s experience is a positive one.

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How much money is my child allowed?

Our young people can earn money on a weekly basis through our ROSSIE Success Level System. This money is well managed and your child knows how much they have at all times. If you want to give your child some money, this is also welcomed and kept separate from their ‘success’ money.

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How can I get in touch with my child and can I visit?

We encourage you to visit as long as it is in-line with your child’s plan. To arrange a visit, you must speak to your child’s social worker before contacting us, to ensure everyone is kept up to date.

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Is my child safe at Rossie?

Keeping your child safe is our main priority. As part of our ‘Getting it Right for Every Child’ approach, we are committed to keeping all of our young people safe and healthy.

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Rossie Grounds in Summer

What happens if there is any bullying in the house?

Rossie has a No Bullying Policy and we do not tolerate bullying. Staff watch very closely for any signs of bullying.

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What can I do to help my child achieve?

We encourage families/carers and siblings to keep in regular contact through phone calls, video calls, writing letters or visits – depending on the care plan.

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How will my child be educated?

We will provide your child every opportunity to attend school on a daily basis as they would if living at home. Your child can access classes and engage with the Curriculum for Excellence.

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How will my child gain confidence while at Rossie?

We know that daily routines will build your child’s confidence. These include having breakfast, going to school, taking part in evening activities, having fun, and waking up and going to sleep at the same time every night.

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What does my child's day look like?

On a typical day during term, your child will keep to the Structure of the Day. We try to mirror everyday family life and to support our young people through daily tasks.

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What activities are available?

We try to keep our young people interested and engaged as much as possible, whether it’s through a project, the John Muir Award, the Rossie Book Club, dance sessions in our dance studio, sports, Forest School or our Youth Club.

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Rossie Grounds

What happens when my child leaves Rossie?

We have a fantastic Throughcare service at Rossie and our Throughcare specialists meet your child when they come to live here. They work closely with your child to support their education, employability and life skills, and to help give them the best chance in their future.

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What help will my child get?

Your child will get the best help possible so they can deal with any worries, fears or problems they may have. We will keep them safe at all times and build their trust in us.

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How do I raise concerns?

If you have a suggestion for how we can improve, or are unhappy with any of the services provided to you at Rossie, we want to hear from you! We want you to feel you can speak to us directly, but if this is not possible, please go to our quick and easy online form.

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I deeply appreciate everything that you’ve done for my daughter. I’ve seen so many positives. You’ve all been brilliant there at Rossie

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