Team Around the Child

The Team Around the Child (TAtC) is a multidisciplinary group of practitioners working with a particular young person during their placement. We believe that relationships have a real value in the growth and development of each young person at Rossie. The TAtC meetings establish relationships from the when a young person first arrives until they are ready to move on from us.

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What is the purpose of the meeting?

The meeting is a set time when the young person and various key members of staff talk about all aspects of the young person’s stay. It is a time to create and review the young person’s Placement Plan, where their care, education and intervention plans are reviewed, based on the young person’s individual needs. Placement planning is a vital part of the TAtC component of our young people’s placement. The meetings hold a strong focus on the young person’s needs, strength and ensuring that all areas of their wellbeing are nurtured.

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Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC)

In line with the Scottish Government, and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), our GIRFEC approach means that all of our young people can feel safe, valued and respected while living at Rossie. Using this approach helps us help our young people understand their full potential here, and when they are ready to move on.

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How often do the meetings take place?

The Team Around the Child meet every six weeks and work together to agree the placement plan and delivery of support to meet the young person’s needs.

What happens at the meeting?

At the start of the meeting, the young person will provide their views to ensure they are being heard throughout. The team review the young person’s placement plan – each member of the team will give a review of the young person’s progress for each area of their stay, from their education and intervention sessions, to how well they have managed to maintain their ‘R-O-S-S-I-E Success Scheme’ record.

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Who runs the meeting?

The Team Around the Child is linked together by a Case Manager who co-ordinates the delivery and review of the plan. The young person’s participation in their plan is important to us – they are central in all considerations.

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Who we help

I feel a lot happier. I’m making better life choices and not getting into the same things I was before. I get on well with everyone here

– Young Person

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