Our Secure Accommodation provides vulnerable young people, aged 10 to 18 a safe environment where they can live, learn and laugh!

Our secure homes are named Beauly, Carron and Deveron, and accommodate up to six young people per house. It is a place of safety for young people who find themselves in difficult or distressing circumstances. Each young person is supported, throughout their time here, by a group of experienced professionals who constitute the ‘Team Around the Child’. This team works closely with the young person to provide support and to help reduce anxiety or uncertainty that the young person may be experiencing.

Rossie mostly looks after young people who have been placed with us through the Children’s Hearings or Family Court. However we also care for young people placed with us through the courts. The Secure houses provide high levels of structure and assistance to all young people.

How much support do our young people receive?

Before young people arrive at Rossie, we ensure we have all the information we need related to their education, care and health needs, so we can provide the right care from the start.

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Rossie young people playing football
Rossie swimming pool

What facilities are in the secure campus?

We help our young people find work and voluntary placements to help build confidence, self-esteem and increase experience in a work environment. We also have a fitness suite, a swimming pool and a games hall that can be set up for sports.

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‘R-O-S-S-I-E’ Success Level System

We work with our young people to encourage them to strive towards being responsible individuals. Our ‘ROSSIE’ Success Level System demonstrates how positive reinforcement of behaviour can promote young people to be kind towards themselves, others and their environment.

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Young person jumping in the air
Rossie fun day with people with their backs to the camera

The relational approach

Each member of staff plays a key part in the progress of every young person. Staff are understanding, compassionate and motivated to build positive relationships with young people, to further help their success and learning.

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The team around the child

This is a key method we use that reflects the value we believe relationships have for the growth and development of each young person. The Team Around the Child approach is made up of a multi-disciplinary group of professionals who help each young person improve in all aspects of their health and wellbeing, education and care.

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Dancers in the Rossie Innovations Dance Studio

Who we help

I view my time in Secure as a rebirth. I was given the chance to let go of all my responsibilities from home and focus on myself. To have been given the opportunity to learn how to live my life again is very much appreciated

– Young Person

Young people

We support our young people through all aspects of their stay, while giving them hope for the future. Find out more if you’re a young person looking for more information.

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Parents & Carers

We ensure parents and carers are involved in their child’s care plan as much as possible. Find out more if you’re a parent or carer looking for more information.

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We work with our partners to provide a bespoke service to each of our young people. Find out more about our partners.

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