Information for Young People

We aim to help our young people have hope for the future, no matter what has happened in the past.

We understand you may be anxious about coming to stay at Rossie but we are passionate about caring for you and supporting you through your time here. We are a children’s home where you will be looked after by supportive staff who treat everyone equally. We are located on the east of Scotland.

Who are we?

Rossie is a charity that provides helpful services to young people aged 10-18 who have had difficult experiences in their lives, or can no longer live safely at home. Rossie is made up of two types of care services: secure and residential.

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What do we do?

Rossie staff help you cope with difficult or traumatic events you have faced in your life, while helping you to develop new skills and look at your hopes and dreams for your future.

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Why Rossie?

Rossie is a safe place for all our young people who may have put themselves or others in an unsafe situation or may not be able to live at home.

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What do initial assessments involve?

When you first arrive, we understand you may be frightened or anxious and will not know what to expect. We want to get to know you, your likes and dislikes and if you have any special health issues.

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What will my room look like?

There are 6 young people living in each house, and everyone has their own bedroom. You also have your own toilet and shower attached to your bedroom, It is very important to us that you have your own privacy.

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Rossie Grounds

Are there locks on the doors?

Yes, there are locks on the doors and this is to keep you safe. We do not lock you in your room or in the house to punish you but to keep you and all our young people safe.

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Who will look after me?

When you arrive at Rossie, you will be given a key care worker who will support you throughout your time at Rossie. You will also have a team of staff looking after you called the Team Around the Child.

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What will I eat?

Our chefs make sure you can enjoy good quality food so you have a healthy and balanced diet every day. When you arrive, the chefs will ask you if you have any allergies or if there are any foods you should be avoiding. They will also ask you what you like and do not like to eat.

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What does a typical day at Rossie Look Like?

We keep each day as consistent as we can by following the Structure of the Day. This is to help you get into a routine, settle into Rossie and feel safe at all times.

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Structure of the day Journey for Young People Rossie diagram
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Who can visit me?

Your family, carers and friends can visit as long as we know this is safe. Visits should take place after school, before 9pm and on weekends to keep in place our daily structure.

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What activities can I take part in?

There are lots of things to do so you do not get bored at Rossie, even during the school holidays. Throughout school time, you will go to school during the day to improve your reading, writing, maths and other subjects.

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Rossie classroom in the 1990s-11

What is the school like?

There are two schools at Rossie; one for young people in secure care and one for young people in residential care.

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R-O-S-S-I-E’ Success Level System

Throughout the day, you will keep to your ‘R-O-S-S-I-E’ Success Level System. This system helps show that celebrating achievements (big and small) can promote being kind towards yourself, others and your living area.

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Rossie Grounds

What does Rossie do about bullying?

We have a No Bullying rule here at Rossie, and we expect all our young people to treat each other with respect.

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What happens when I leave Rossie?

We have a ‘Throughcare’ service and those who are part of this team will do their best to arrange great opportunities for you like volunteering, work placements and advice and guidance on a career path to prepare you for when you leave.

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How do I make a suggestion or express a concern?

If you have a suggestion to help us improve, or are unhappy with any of the services you received at Rossie, we want to hear from you! We hope you can feel able to speak to us directly, but if not, please go to our quick and easy online form.

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How we help

Secure Care

Our Secure campus provides vulnerable young people a safe environment where they can live, learn and laugh! Find out more.

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Residential Care

Our Residential Unit is designed for young people who are moving from our secure accommodation, and for those unable to live at home who are referred by local authorities or Social Work departments. Find out more.

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Specialist Interventions Services

Our Specialist Intervention Services (SIS) is a key provision from Rossie which focuses on the physical, emotional and behavioural wellbeing of our young people. Find out more.

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Education & Employability

Education at Rossie aims to re-engage learners, promote achievement and attainment as well as developing skills for life, learning and work. Find out more.

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We provide continuous support and engagement for our young people throughout their experience at Rossie, and beyond. Find out more.

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Rossie Young People’s Trust