Rossie Values

The culture of our organisation is built upon our five values, with behaviours specified against each of the value domains.

Our values establish and regulate the quality and character of our organisation. Our values are fundamental to all staff understanding the way business is done in Rossie i.e. the “way we do things around here”. Our values framework empowers all staff to hold each other to account in a respectful, constructive and productive manner.

Our values framework has been approved by our Board of Governors and is adhered to by all staff across the organisation.

Rossie values diagram

Who we help

We were particularly impressed with the caring and positive atmosphere, and the commitment of the staff to the young people in your care.”

– Panel Member

Young people

We support our young people through all aspects of their stay, while giving them hope for the future. Find out more if you’re a young person looking for more information.

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Parents & Carers

We ensure parents and carers are involved in their child’s care plan as much as possible. Find out more if you’re a parent or carer looking for more information.

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We work with our partners to provide a bespoke service to each of our young people. Find out more about our partners.

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Rossie Young People’s Trust