Rossie are Going for Gold!!

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This year at Rossie, we have been flying the flag for diversity and inclusion once more as we embark on another journey with the LGBT Charter Programme from LGBT Youth Scotland. The Charter Programme provides Rossie the tools to build capacity and ensure we make proactive changes that are evidence based and founded on the experiences of the LGBTQ+ population.

Beginning our charter journey with LGBT Youth Scotland back in 2020 with the Bronze Award, this collaborative undertaking has demonstrated an immense positive impact in the way that colleagues and young people can come together to learn and work to promote inclusivity for all. Our involvement with LGBT Youth Scotland and the Charter Programme has been a critical step in Rossie’s equality practice, ensuring that people are at the heart of our organisation and that our promise to young people to grow up to be loved, safe and respected is further promoted.

We have taken a number of steps to proactively educate and inform our network about LGBTQ+ inclusion. This included LGBT awareness training as well as running a consultation with colleagues to explore what steps we can take to build confidence and understanding. Colleagues reported a worry about misgendering people and using the wrong pronouns. In response to this, we ran a pronoun awareness campaign, to highlight various pronouns people may use, how to routinely ask and provide your own pronouns. Young people also got involved and designed pronouns badges too!

Our work with LGBT Youth Scotland has also informed work in other areas, including policy revisions and procedure updates. We have also run a number of awareness campaigns during the year, including the LGBT+ charity ‘Just Like Us’ annual Diversity Week celebrations, flag signing on Purple Friday, pledging our commitment to upholding LGBT Youth Scotland’s LGBT Charter Rights. There has also been a targeted investment in LGBTQ+ resources for young people, namely from organisations including Free2B Alliance and Pop’n’Olly. We are committed to making sure information on LGBTQ+ issues are accessible to young people during their stay at Rossie and when they move on.

Our journey has supported us to expand our discussion of inclusion through all our practices, helping us to consider how we report and present information to colleagues, stakeholders and most importantly young people. Section 28 has been repealed for 23 years, but its legacy of silence and shame remains rooted in the conscious of people’s experiences. It is with unequivocal support of LGBTQ+ people along with proactive learning and understanding, we are all able to make an impact. It is indispensable in our work at Rossie Young People’s Trust to ensure each and every person feels welcomed, supported and celebrated. This ethos is underpinned by our core values of Respect, Integrity, Collaboration, Delivery and Accountability.

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