Rossie and The Promise Partnership

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“As CEO I am delighted to announce today we have received funding through the Promise Partnership, Corra Foundation on behalf of the Scottish Government.

Our funded partnership will commence in January 2024 and run for 18 months and then be embedded into our core services. We will develop  a dedicated resource / facility that will enable children, young people and their families spend meaningful time together to build or rebuild their relationships. Our project will support a number of key priorities identified in The Promise, helping  young people maintain relationships with those who are most important in their lives.

We will give families separated through the justice or care systems an opportunity to be together in an environment which nurtures the love they have for each other, and where they feel safe and respected. Brothers and sisters who do not, or cannot live together, will be provided the opportunity to build positive relationships, in a high-quality environment supported by caring, knowledgeable trauma informed staff.  Our project will provide fun, play, and an opportunity for our young people to experience time where they can focus on themselves and each other, while engaging in fun activities.

Our project is underpinned by Children’s Rights and has young people at its heart at all times.”

Mary Geaney / Chief Executive Officer


Rossie Young People’s Trust is a registered Charity, located on the east of Scotland. We have a long and proud history of providing secure and residential care, education, health and psychological services to the most vulnerable children and  young people across the country. Our young people have experienced trauma, significant adverse childhood incidents and need the specialist care and support we provide.

Corra Foundation exists to make a difference to the lives of people and communities. In 2020 Corra launched a ten-year strategy. It is long term because making a difference on the big challenges will take time. At its heart is the strong belief that when people find their voice, they unlock the power to make change happen.