Induction, Assessment & Planning

At Rossie’s Education Centres, we welcome every young person into a safe, caring and nurturing environment. Their future success is achieved through our skills in building relationships with them; careful planning in collaboration with others who have a stake in their education; and supporting this with robust assessment strategy.
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The model we use is highly effective, and has regularly been commended by the HMIe and the Care Inspectorate as a unique example of very good practice. Our induction process:
  • Promotes effective planning and monitoring.
  • Provides a safe and empathic environment within which boundaries are set.
  • Promotes a young person’s mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing.
  • Provides a stable environment for young people to appropriately express themselves and grow as individuals.
  • Is interwoven with the positive ethos that lies within the Rossie community.
  • Enables young people to develop as Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors.
  • Afford opportunities for the progression of our assessment strategy.
Assessment is central to our induction model and assists in the production of a focussed, dedicated plan that we can be confident of for each young person.
From an initial background and risk assessment report, we compile a comprehensive profile that draws upon previous placement information, assessment activity, Rossie’s baseline risk indicator tool (Risk & Need), together with social background and psychological reports. Taken together, this shapes our practice and determines resources required for our teachers.
We also carry out core literacy and numeracy assessments, and a self-assessed preferred learning style questionnaire which assesses visual, auditory and kinaesthetic preferences in learning. We may also conduct Dyslexia screening, and may make external referrals where our initial assessment would suggest the existence of more complex additional support needs.
Although we use commercial testing in order to raise baseline awareness amongst staff, Teacher observation, collaborative working and case discussion are regarded as the most robust and effective aspects of our assessment strategy.
Rossie’s individualised learning planning provides a continuous record and action plan for learning, regularly reviewed throughout the young person’s placement.
The Individualised Learning Planning:
  • Places the young person at the centre of the learning process.
  • Promotes and develops their autonomy.
  • Maximises effective learning and teaching.
  • Identifies their preferred learning style, matching it to our strategies and resources.
  • Identifies their abilities, needs, aspirations and preferences.
  • Acknowledges and accurately records their achievements through interdisciplinary learning, the ethos and life of the school, through curriculum areas and subjects in addition to wider personal achievements.
Throughout the Induction process, a young person is introduced to individualised learning planning through identifying and recording their personal and academic strengths and interests; their personal, programme work and educational achievements; and their personal development agenda. Collaboratively we prepare a personalised learning profile inclusive of capacity targets; and an assessment profile comprising of literacy, numeracy, a Dyslexia profile (if applicable), a preferred learning style and a Coordinated Support Plan arrangements (if applicable).
As well as agreeing their education subject and programme work targets, a young person will also have a set of health and wellbeing targets, covering their mental, social and emotional well being, physical activities & health together with planning for choices and changes.
In addition to the above all young people are afforded the opportunity to set their own personal targets which are recorded within the IlP.
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