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An inclusive approach to assessments
The Professional Services Team's inclusive approach to assessments covers:-
  • Consultation for all young people accommodated at Rossie.
  • Baseline Indicators of Behavioural Risk prior to completion of structured assessment tools.
  • Graduated and linear assessment of need and risk including use of structured assessment tooling and fit with GIRFEC integrated assessment formats (IAF) and developed to inform/develop care planning.
  • A highly participative process of engagement, assessment, goal setting and action planning guided by Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument and GIRFEC well being indicators/resilience matrix frameworks.
  • Other assessment tools include ‘Structured Assessment of Violent Risk in Youth’ (Borum, Bartel & Forth 2006), ‘Risk of Serious Harm’ assessment, GMAP comprehensive assessment, ‘J-SOAP2’ (Prentky and Righthand 2001) and AIM2 (sexual aggression (inc. Young people with intellectual (dis)abilities), Social Problem Solving Inventory –Revised, Stage of behavioural Change (Substance Use), Conflict Resolution, Impulsivity and Aggression Questionnaire,
  • New - Trauma Assessment tools including CRIES-13, Depression self rating scale, Traumatic Grief Inventory for Children; Impact on school performance scale  (From May 2012)
  • Mental Health Screening and referral/liaison/consultancy with NHS Tayside CAMHS service  including early assessment of Trauma via Trauma Symptom checklist, Moods/Feelings and Strengths/Difficulties Questionnaires (MFQ/SDQ) Therapeutic Assessment of Self Harm.
  • Motivational assessment (stage of change/importance/confidence) and engagement work and bespoke interventions for young people who are ambivalent/resistant to behavioural change.
  • Family Genogram and Family Health Genogram assessment and consultation.
  • Commissioning of Forensic Psychiatric, learning Disability and Forensic and Clinical Psychology Assessments (at additional cost to placement).
  • Research orientation and access to academic journals to inform best practice.
  • Ongoing qualitative and quantitative research (Trauma Recovery programme)
  • Association with a range of universities, academic bodies and membership of Youth Justice and Child protection Partnerships.
  • Hosting Social Work student placement and teaching input to University courses.
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