Rossie Campus

Rossie’s Campus offers a mixed gender provision across two services:-

Secure Care Accommodation

The Secure Campus provides eighteen places for young people who meet the legal criteria to have their liberty restricted. This can be through the Children’s Hearing System, or via the Sheriff Court for remanded or sentenced young people.

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Residential Care Accommodation

The Residential Service provides fourteen places for young people and promotes independence and community access. This Campus is not secure, and as with any residential child care school provision we also take direct referrals as an alternative to secure care, as well as young people transitioning from secure care.
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We work across the campus with an Incentive scheme and Citizenship Agreement Cards to enable the young person to receive accurate feedback about how they are achieving and what needs to change in order they achieve more. These are tied closely to The Curriculum for Excellence and the key capacities so there are strong clear links between Care and Education.

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Rossie operates a Key Team approach so each young person has a key worker who is responsible with their supervisor for the multi disciplinary coordination essential to achieve the SHANARI Well Being Indicators (Safe, Healthy, Active, Nurtured, Achieving, Respected and Responsible and Included) of Getting it Right for Every Child.
Staff work skilfully at building relationships on a day to day basis through a regular School Council, facilitated by independent children's advocacy services, House Meetings, a Catering Committee and an accessible, responsive Complaints Procedure. We recognise that learning and development go hand in hand with positive relationships, as over 70% of learning comes from the relationship with the ‘facilitator’.
Both campuses benefit from extensive facilities, which if appropriate for the young person can include using all that nature can offer in the Angus Countryside.
Rossie also offers an extensive range of assessment and Intervention Programmes tailored to meet an individual young persons needs.
If you have a crisis we may well be able to respond. We do of course take planned admissions and can be involved in pre planning with introductions to the young person.
Bespoke packages of care can be provided by our experienced staff teams to assist young people on their route through care. These packages may help young people avoid having to enter secure care accommodation.
Rossie Secure Accommodation