Our Values

Rossie is a unique and complex organisation, but our values are very simple. We aim to give each young person placed with us the warmth, understanding and skill base that they need, to leave Rossie and to move on feeling better about themselves, with improved self understanding and control and able to make more positive choices in their lives. This benefits not only each young person, but their community too.

Care Philosophy

No matter what the reason is for a young person being placed, Rossie seeks to treat each young person with respect and care.

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Health and Wellbeing

Health has an important influence on attainment throughout a child’s life and is vital in enabling young people to fulfill their potential.
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Child Protection

We know that young people can put themselves at risk, or that they can be at risk from people they know.

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At Rossie we believe in our children and young people and we are truly child centred. We believe in each young person’s capacity to learn, change, grow and develop and we communicate that to them implicitly and explicitly through a variety of mediums We also know that young people are the experts in themselves and that it is our job to work with them, rather than do to them. So, for many years we have actively promoted children’s rights, an open, transparent and robust child protection policy and we continue to do so, daily in all our activities.

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We support children and young people to speak their mind and to take part in the decisions which affect them. We have contracted advocacy services for over a decade. Our complaints and suggestions system is well understood by young people and is a really robust way of both listening to young people and teaching everyone involved that there are many different ways to solve problems and that listening to other people’s points of view really helps.
“I have been doing very well since I left Rossie and I have a job.”
“I have learnt a lot since being at Rossie, the education was really good.”
“I really appreciate all the time and effort that has been offered throughout my stay.
This will be remembered as it was an important part of my life.”
“I know I have had my ups and downs, but no matter what, you have managed to keep me safe.”

The key to everything that Rossie does is relationships, relationships, relationships. Warm, appropriate relationships formed with helping adults, where the boundaries are clear, is a well recognised protective factor. Confidentiality is spelled out and ensures the protection of children and vulnerable adults. Young people are offered adults who are friendly, who listen, who say no appropriately, who do what they say they will do, who are trustworthy and who work to the Scottish Social Services Code of Practice.
At Rossie we believe that we can and do make a positive difference in the lives of young people placed with us, young people respond to Rossie’s approach.
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