Staff Testimonials

We take great pride in the development of our workforce and the rewards of the investment we make have resulted in some outstanding individual and team results.
Building upon each individuals knowledge and strengths, in order to fully develop them in their roles here our ambitious vision for the development of our workforce is reflected in the quality of service that young people receive at Rossie.
With such a diverse workforce, covering many very different career paths, the opportunities for career development are wide and varied. Read three very different Rossie staff testimonials below.
Rossie Image HeaderLauren
Lynne Williamson
Seeing Rossie from both sides.
Lynne’s association with Rossie began in the 1990s when she worked as a Residential Care Worker for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Councils. Part of Lynne’s duties involved escorting young people to Rossie and Lynne recalls her first impressions of the ‘old’ Rossie as a “creaky old building” and “very austere with bars on the windows”.
In 2008 Lynne was appointed as Rossie’s link worker with Who Cares? Scotland, an organisation which provides advocacy work for all young people placed at Rossie. As well as being a time of change for Lynne, 2008 was also a time of great change at Rossie: the new building was in progress and plans were being made for transferring young people and staff from the old building to the new purpose built facility, which would officially open in May 2009.
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Rossie Opening QuoteThe development of our workforce and the rewards of the investment we make have resulted in some outstanding individual and team results.Rossie Closing Quote
Rossie Image HeaderLauren
Lauren Graham
From Work Experience to Professional Development Officer.
When Lauren Graham undertook a work placement at Rossie while still at school, she could not have realised that her career would progress to being appointed to the Professional Services Team in November 2011 as Professional Services Development Officer.
Having studied for a Master of Arts (hons) Degree in Psychology at the University of Aberdeen and successfully graduating in 2007, Lauren worked in recruitment consultancy for two years when she decided to speculatively send an application to Rossie for a position as Residential Child Care Worker.
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Rossie Image HeaderRoy
Roy Balfour
Breaking New Ground at Rossie!
Delivering the Skills for Work programme for Young People, propagating plants in a polytunnel, planting 180 new trees and creating a 2 mile cycle path in the woodland is all in a day’s work for Rossie’s gardener. The job of Gardener at Rossie is a challenging and rewarding one, according to Roy Balfour, who is responsible for maintaining the extensive grounds at Rossie.
Roy explains: “We are located 154 metres above sea level and set in over 150 acres of mature woodland, with wide range of trees, including mixed broad leaf, evergreen firs and a Beech tree which is over 300 years old.”
Also responsible for maintaining the lawns and hedging around the building, he ensures a year round display of attractive flower beds and manages the crops of fruit and vegetables grown at Rossie.
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Rossie Image HeaderBruce
Bruce Laird
Driving to Succeed
When Bruce Laird started at Rossie in the winter of 1998, he couldn’t have known that in just over a decade he would be Duty Manager, responsible for the entire building and staff!
With a few hours of sessional work at weekends, whilst still doing his “day job” in Building Preservation, Bruce realised that working with young people was something that he really wanted to do.
Bruce explained: “I had previously enjoyed working with young people when I was involved in training a football team but never thought I could have a career working full time with young people”.
Bruce spent almost three years as a sessional worker, coming in at weekends, and learning all about the roles and responsibilities of a residential care worker.
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