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National Children’s Day Choose Kind Campaign

By May 23, 2022 No Comments

Our young people have been working as part of the National Children’s Day Choose Kind campaign.  This is a poem that they put together.


Kindness – By Rossie Young People

 It’s 2022, but the last few years have been tough,

Wars and Killer Viruses, we’ve all just had enough.


Schools all shut, businesses closed,

Our highstreets now just empty roads.


Lockdown after lockdown brought loneliness and sorrow,

With job loss and missing loved ones, we hoped for a better tomorrow.


Lives lost, families broken, 2 years of death,

Alone in hospitals, isolated no one around for their last breath.


So, it’s 2022, despite the last few years being tough,

So much good has happened; let’s say the smooth during the rough.


The TikTok craze began through songs and funny dances,

Communities came together to offer 2nd chances.


Helping to feed those in need and bring smiles to people’s faces,

We took goody bags, cakes and gifts to all different kinds of places.


Families and quality time when work and school was paused,

We welcome new life, as well as grieving the lives we lost.


Things may have been hard over the past few years,

But this time has sparked kindness, despite all of the tears.


We’ve made it to the end and the sky is turning blue,

Hopefully we’ve done enough to keep the kindness shining through.