Young People

Our New Throughcare Hub

By December 23, 2020 No Comments

Our Throughcare Hub fully opened in April this year with young people making full use of the space.

The kitchen is fully functional and being well used.  The 1-1 room with computer and internet access has made a big difference.  Young people have been involved in-group zoom chats, set up online banking (this was not possible before).

Secure young people have been able to research recipes to plan meals, budget these realistically using the internet and cook their meal in a safe space away from peers and the pressures that can bring, allowing them to grow in confidence in a more realistic environment that will teach them skills they will be able to take with them.

It has been visibly noticed how much more comfortable the young people have been when working in this area, they have appeared more relaxed, more invested in there Throughcare work, more open to discuss concerns about moving on and what they think the barriers will be which in turn enables more realistic discussions about supporting young people moving forward.