RESPECT! Rossie’s School is now Rights Committed

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With the support of the whole organisation, our education team have achieved the Bronze Award for Unicef’s Rights Respecting Schools Awards (RRSA).

Unicef works with over 4500 schools across the UK to produce spaces to learn that are creative and inspiring, where children are respected. Likewise, schools work with Unicef to become fully Rights Respecting, which is embedded by awards; Bronze, Silver and Gold. While it’s expected to take some time to work up the awards, Rossie have managed to attain the Bronze Award promptly since applying and are now a ‘Rights Committed’ school.

The outcome of becoming a Rights Respecting school is one which Rossie is striving towards, together young people and the Rossie community learn about children’s rights and how they are accessed. Principle teacher, Robyn Anderson, gathered and submitted evidence and the plans to establish this status, including the input of staff and young people, and action plans going forward.

Young people are made aware of their rights and Rossie’s values from the point of arrival. Robyn mentioned that the response from young people during data collection was particularly positive, and had a direct influence on Rossie’s attainment of the award.

Robyn expresses her thoughts about the Bronze award and plans for the future: “Young People are at the heart of everything we do here at Rossie, becoming recognised as a Rights Committed school highlights our commitment to our young people. The work which we plan to undertake towards the Silver award will allow our commitment to a safe, inclusive and cohesive community within Rossie to be recognised. Rossie’s adoption of the rights, respect and responsibilities initiative based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) will continue to develop and be integrated into all aspects of the organisation’s work”.

Evidence for the Silver Award is already being collected. Further education regarding children and young people’s rights has been successfully integrated into Personal and Social Education and Modern Studies classes. Our young people learn about CRC articles and are encouraged to contribute to the creation of displays for the school and to take part in discussions. In addition, the education team are committed to informing the entire organisation, keeping in line with our collaborative approach to the development of our young people.

The future looks bright. Robyn adds: “The Bronze award is undoubtedly an achievement and a step in the right direction; however our focus is now on the Silver award – then on to Gold!”