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Aiming higher, one step at a time…

By January 19, 2021 January 21st, 2021 No Comments

Aiming higher, one step at a time…

We’ve thought up another challenge this year for our young people – our new climbing wall.

It’s been designed and installed by our friends at the Avertical World Climbing Centre. Known as a traverse climbing wall, the challenge is to climb up and sideways.

It’s all part of our programme to create new ways for our young people to take on new challenges, and to be more active, fit, and healthy. We’ve listened to the medical experts, who state that activities like this:

  • Improves young people’s mental health and relaxation. This is true of exercise generally but more so when done outside.
  • Improves their overall happiness and wellbeing, helping to reduce stress and improve their mood.
  • Helps young people to acquire healthy habits and teaches them the skills they need to stay healthy.

We think climbing is a great activity for these reasons, so if you want to try it for yourself, why not give our friends at Avertical World a call to book a visit.