Catch the Buzz!

By May 20, 2021 No Comments

As today is World Bee Day, we thought it was time to come clean about our own bee plans at Rossie.

Plan Bee will see Rossie’s own bee colony arriving shortly. After 2 years in the planning,  the equipment has all arrived and we have a designated spot in the middle of the meadow with an abundance of wild flowers and trees – couldn’t be better for the bees!

We have put up a protective shelter so that sticks and branches from the trees don’t fall on the hives, and our Queen Bee is on order. She will be transported safely in a small polystyrene hive when she is ready, along with a thousand or so of her follower bees. This is called a “nuc” and is how every hive starts off.

We have beautiful grounds at Rossie, but we’re only too aware of the decline in bees in the UK. So, we we’re doing our bit to foster and develop them here, as well as introducing all sorts of interesting activities for our young people to learn about how important bees are (as well as producing some delicious honey later in the year).

More details soon, but in the meantime we’re happy to take advance orders if you’d like a jar or two…