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Life After Rossie – Jacob’s story

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Many young people come to live at Rossie each year. We are privileged that many choose to stay in touch with us, and tell us how they have got on since they left us. This is Jacob’s story.

For roughly a year and a half I lived at Rossie. The first 3 months wasn’t the best, I was trying to fight the system in the hopes that Rossie would give up on me and just let me move back to my home town. When I realised that was not going to happen, I decided to start working with the system.  It was a slow process for me to start trusting the staff and opening up to them but I eventually did. With staff help I started to realise that I did need support to change my behaviour and I couldn’t do that until I felt there was a reason to.  

So, I decided to set up a goal and that was to pass NAT5 Woodwork with an A … which I did.  When I opened up the letter and saw the A that I had worked so hard for, it made me feel like I could accomplish anything I set my mind to.

After a while I managed to get moved to Forth house, in Residential care.  Forth house was great – you learn to cook proper home-made meals, you have freedom to walk about the house and go for walks on your own, it was great.

I started college studying Art and also went horse riding, where I volunteered to help around the stables to be able to get a free lesson at the end of the week. I also started going to cadets, where I met a few of my best friends that I still visit regularly and speak to everyday.   Unfortunately, I started to struggle, so I moved units a couple of times but not once did I have to stop any of my hobbies or college.  

My time at Rossie was incredible, I would even say life changing.  All the staff go above and beyond to help the young people in their care. Once you start working with them rather than against them it starts to feel as if your one big family.  I’m not ashamed that I lived at Rossie, I’m proud.  If it wasn’t for all the support from the staff I would not be where I am today.  I couldn’t thank the staff enough but mostly my key workers.  I’m currently at College studying Health & Social Care in the hope to work in places that are like Rossie.  

When it came time for me to leave Rossie the Throughcare team helped me with my transition back home and helped set up a new support system for me.  I still have difficulties but I know how to cope with them now, all thanks to the staff at Rossie.  I still phone Rossie now and again for a catch up.  There is a list of staff I won’t forget but there is one staff member in particular that I’ll never be able to forget and that is Leigh-Ann – from the day I set foot in Rossie she was so helpful and understanding, she taught me so much during my time at Rossie.  She is such a blessing to Rossie and the whole team there and I hope she can help others as much as she helped and supported me.  

Overall, my time at Rossie was up and down but I had way more ups than I did downs and none of what I’ve accomplished in life after Rossie would of been possible if it wasn’t for the staff being there to help and support me though everything. Rossie is a fantastic care setting and if young people have to go into care I really hope that Rossie is the place they are put.