Investing in Our Young People and Staff – Our Scottish Business Pledge

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Scottish Business Pledge Fun Day

The Scottish Business Pledge is a Government-based development which encourages organisations to sustain good-practice principles.

It is a voluntary commitment covering values including fair pay, investment in youth and pursuing international business contracts. As we learned that we are already meeting all 9 categories, it made perfect sense to make the Pledge.  The categories include:

  • Paying the living wage
  • Not using exploitative use of zero hour contracts
  • Supporting progressive workforce engagement
  • Investing in Youth
  • Making progress on diversity and gender balance
  • Committing to an innovation programme
  • Pursuing international business opportunities
  • Playing an active role in the community
  • Committing to prompt payment

The above categories are a natural and growing part of our organisation and are part of our day-to-day function. Everything we do is for the benefit of the young people in our care and the communities in which we work. We want the very best for our young people, and to be able to deliver a high standard service full of opportunities, we know that investing in our staff, investing in our young people and working in and with the community is vital.

CEO of Rossie, Mary Geaney, had this to say:

“The Pledge is another milestone in our journey in becoming and being recognised as a Centre of Excellence that Changes Lives. I feel very proud of Rossie being assessed and acknowledged  as delivering the Scottish Business Pledge.

By signing the Pledge, we are committing to developing and delivering on-going improvements against each of the set standards. This independent evaluation by the Scottish Government accredits Rossie as being a forward thinking organisation, committed to competitiveness, sustainable employment, workforce engagement and development. Our commitment to the Pledge will further increase our stakeholders’ confidence in us as a service provider of choice.”