Rossie Pedals in Celebration of 100 years

By November 10, 2018 March 22nd, 2019 No Comments
Rossie - 100 years anniversary cycling challenge

Staff and young people have spent the month of November celebrating the year that marks both the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War One, and the 100 year anniversary of women being given the vote.

Young people at Rossie have been learning about World War One and what it was like when women weren’t allowed to vote. The learning hasn’t only taken place in the classroom – our teachers have come up with various activities to get staff and young people engaged in the learning of these historical yet relevant events.

One mission set by our teachers is the ‘100 hour bike challenge’ which represents the journey to achieving the vote 100 years ago. To signify how hard both men and women work at Rossie, all staff are encouraged to contribute. As English teacher Vikki explains: “We are very excited about all of these projects…Women (and men) are an integral part of the workforce here in Rossie and it is important to note there are females in a multitude of important roles.” A total of 200 hours (100 hours from men and 100 hours from women) is the target number of hours spent on the bike.

Other projects include a Poppy Poster competition – posters that our young people have decorated and a collection of 100 items to be donated to Foodbank. Over the past few weeks, class learning has been themed around the number ‘100’, World War One and women’s rights. Young people have been applying their journalistic flair and writing newspaper articles relating WW1 and the suffragettes.

History teacher Shauni explains: “I’ve always been interested in women’s rights. The young people have been encouraged to participate in the projects. They created ‘Vote for Women’ badges, which we have been selling with the aim of raising £100 for Help for Heros. We have had a great response from the boys about women’s rights, which is great!”

Rossie continues to enlighten and motivate both staff and young people in our care about past events and current social topics.