Rossie takes on Abertay graduate

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We have been enhancing our marketing practices over the past 3 months by getting our hands on an Abertay graduate!

A recent graduate from Abertay University in Dundee, Camilla, was given the opportunity by Rossie and through Abertay Careers to apply for a ten week paid Marketing, Publicity and Communications Internship. We received funding for this and since then, the opportunity has resulted in full time employment for Camilla. From the beginning, she has been busy reviewing how we do things online here at Rossie, particularly brainstorming ideas for a new website (watch this space!).

Our CEO, Mary Geaney made the connection with Abertay University. The university then contacted current students and soon-to-be graduates from Abertay. Camilla said “I read the email and jumped at the opportunity. I couldn’t let it go by me. I’ve always had a passion for the care and education of the younger generation and also for business, which I studied at university. This was the perfect opportunity to combine the two”.

Earlier this year, Abertay set up the Santander Opportunities Fund to provide more employment opportunities for students. Santander Universities is a division of Santander Bank that supports university partners by providing opportunities and funding for work placements, internships, scholarships and entrepreneurship support to students. Through Abertay, Santander funded this opportunity.

The purpose of the internship was to initiate and build on creative ideas to help us achieve key organisational goals, and to modernise all of our marketing practices including the website, printed materials and how we communicate to our audiences.

In conjunction with the website, Camilla has been involved in a variety of other projects and has completed tasks such as creating small adverts, posters, cards and even getting her hands dirty in the garden! Camilla said “these tasks have helped make the experience varied and exciting”.

An extensive support system was put in place – “The Inner Circle” – made up of colleagues with a can-do and positive attitude. Camilla said “I can’t thank them enough for all of their help and support throughout the ten weeks…I know I can go to any one of them for assistance”.

A colleague said to Camilla: “It has been as exciting for me as it likely has been for you, knowing we have someone in post who can potentially take the business forward in terms of marketing, and I have enjoyed being able to help guide you during your first steps in to Rossie.  It is a complex organisation, which takes a long time to learn, however you have already built excellent internal & external relationships. I hope you continue to build and enjoy your career here.”

Another colleague within our Specialist Intervention Services team, mentioned that this internship has offered assistance in developing three projects over ten weeks, stating that “Camilla has been conscientious and approachable and her knowledge and links to community partners has hugely benefitted our young people as we can access products and materials helpful to them in a time efficient way.”

Camilla is now an employee of Rossie, continuing in the role of Marketing Assistant. Having seen the benefit of the internship, we look to increase our intern intake within other parts of the organisation in the future.