Virtual Learning at Rossie

By January 27, 2022 No Comments

Despite the pandemic, Rossie has continued to offer student placements. We have been able to reintegrate two Social Work students on site and more recently an online placement, working with Social Work students from Dundee University.

The 2 weeks programme included an overview of the Scottish care system, secure and residential childcare, the services Rossie offer and an insight into Scottish legislation and the Children’s Hearing system, GIRFEC, The Promise amongst other topics.

Monday was presentation day for the six international students from Nigeria and India and they split into two groups.

Group 1 delivered an overview of what they had learnt about the ‘Children’s Hearing’ system and Group 2 presented on ‘Reflection on Child Social Welfare in Nigeria compared to Rossie Young People’s Trust’.

Both presentations were really well delivered and insightful and it was nice to hear some of what the students had learned and reflected upon during their placement.

This is part of our ongoing partnership with universities to develop expertise and excellence.