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‘Continuous Professional Learning’ Training Days

By February 14, 2022 No Comments

Last week, we were delighted to welcome back care staff to their ‘Continuous Professional Learning’ training days.

The first session incorporated an overview to staff on our ‘Restraint Reduction’ programme and the vision and goals we have and how care staff play a vital role in this.

This was evidenced by looking at early data from our new incident management system to show trends and themes to highlight key learning and show the reduction in restraint we are seeing already, and how key care staff have all been to this change in how they work with our young people. This highlighted excellent practice in communication skills, relationships and having a more trauma informed approach.

Another session was based around an update on ‘The Promise’ as well as discussing and explaining the context of our ‘Changing the Language in Care’ booklets.

This session focused on the power of language verbally and within reports and there was an interactive session with the groups completing an exercise on report writing and changing language.

This was a powerful tool to highlight to the groups how this can impact a young person and about how the ‘jargon’ or ‘professional language’ we use, can often be confusing for a young person. This is the start of an ongoing focus around how we use language.

The final session of the day was led by CALM Training and was part of an ongoing theme for the training days for care staff on ‘Trauma Informed Care’ and focused on the importance of relationships and how we use our attachments and relationships to best care for our young people.

The training days captured key themes around restraint reduction, The Promise, language and trauma which interlinked the sessions throughout the days.

It was wonderful to be able to bring the groups back together.