Purple Friday!

By February 26, 2021 No Comments

Today (Friday 26 February) as part of our LGBT Charter journey, we are celebrating and educating our young people and staff about ‘Purple Friday’.

The day is named after the purple stripe on the LGBT rainbow flag and represents “spirit” – the spirit of the LGBT community and their allies.

On Purple Friday, we stand together to pledge our support for equality, and to stand up against hate and prejudice.

We have various activities planned within Rossie to encourage our young people and staff to think about the meaning of ‘Purple Friday’, and to learn about its history and significance.

In school today, we will use various workshops and resources from the LGBT Youth Scotland website and share information leaflets created by our Specialist Intervention Services team.

As always our young people will be creative and make posters and leaflets of their own. They will also design their own purple t-shirts to show their support and showcase all they have learned.

As part of the Purple Friday ‘Pass the Torch Relay’ challenges we are hosting a ‘Purple Quiz’ and then taking the ‘Blind Tasting – Purple Food and Fruit Challenge’ and our very own Rossie ‘Purple TikTok’ as a bit of fun.

The aim of the ‘Pass the Torch Relay’ is to build a community of LGBT allies and friends across Scotland sending a strong message of support to LGBT young people. We will be posting some of our challenges across social media to join the ‘Purple Map’.

Our staff group will be rolling out their finest purple attire whether it be socks, glasses, tops or hats – they will be showing their support for this very important day.

To finish the day, we are holding an LGBT flags signing so everyone can record their on-going endorsement of LGBT rights. Our flags will be on display around Rossie to highlight our commitment to the LGBT Charter and pledge our on-going support for equality at Rossie.