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What it’s like to work for Rossie…. 3 times!

By March 18, 2021 No Comments

Meet Katie-Lou, a qualified Social Worker in our Specialist Intervention Service. She has had varied roles throughout the organisation, as a student and a member of staff. We thought it was best if she explained. Here’s her story…

I first came to Rossie in 2017 as student on placement whilst I was studying for my Social Work degree at Robert Gordon University. Being from Montrose, I always wanted to learn more about Rossie and the service it provides for young people. My placement was split between working alongside the Care Team looking after the young people, and the Specialist Intervention Service which supports young people’s emotional wellbeing. My placement helped me to learn about the different areas of the work that Rossie does, develop my relational skills, understand children’s legislation and learn about psychological assessments and interventions.

As I really enjoyed my placement, I decided to apply to be a Sessional Care Worker (actually, the young people asked me to). I worked across both the residential and secure homes whilst completing my university degree, and I continue to do this now. I really enjoyed sessional work and highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in working at Rossie – it is a flexible way to get to know the organisation and work at your own pace, supporting young people in their daily lives and being involved in fun activities.

After my degree I spent a short time working elsewhere as a Social Worker before I was given the chance to come back to Rossie to work as part of the Specialist Intervention Service. I really value the work that the SIS Team does with young people, and I was keen to develop my skills in psychological assessment and intervention. Having worked across different areas of the organisation, I have a good understanding of other team’s roles and responsibilities in Rossie and how staff are committed to working together to provide the best service for young people.

 I find Rossie to be a fun, challenging and rewarding place to work. I value the opportunity to provide such a well-rounded service to young people, and I feel passionate about continuing to improve this to provide the highest level of care to our young people. I believe Rossie is a great place to work if you want to make a positive difference to the lives of young people.  I am grateful for the opportunities and experience working here has given me.